Wales 0 Bosnia 0

Let’s hope that in a year’s time we don’t all think: “If only Ashley WIlliams had scored.”

No quibbles with the outcome, a fair reflection of a strangely entertaining game. Not many 0-0s are so engrossing.

But it would be nice to have an unfair reflection of the game in the scoreline someday, unfair in our favour.

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Will Wales qualify?

It’s now or never, isn’t it?

If we can’t qualify when the gates gape as wide as Euro2016’s do, it isn’t going to happen.

Twenty-three teams go through and, after sifting out the no-hopers, that means about 36 countries are vying for those slots.

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Bosnia 1 Wales 2 (2008)

Bosnia v Wales, Sarajevo 2008

It all started so well. Was it an omen? The clerk at Sarajevo’s Lion Hostel (Grrrrrrr!) asked: “English?”

“No, Welsh!”

He’d heard of us!

“Wales? Jimmyfloydhasselbaink! Very good game against Coventry.”

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Trust in Cookie – Wales 1 Macedonia 0

photo (40)

Is it crisis over now? And finally there’s been an outbreak of trust and hugs and kisses all round? Did the FA say to Chris Coleman in the communal showers after: “We were always going to keep you, Cookie – this was a test.”

I hope so. And I think it’s the least he deserves. We can all move on then. To new Welsh football fiascos and debacles. Or maybe with the world’s most expensive footballer in our ranks and Britain’s best player (Ramsey) we can finally achieve something concrete.

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