Masks, monsoon and Mariachi – Mexico 1 Cameroon 0

Mexico v CameroonIf we come back again in another life – don’t worry I’m not a believer – maybe it would be good to be Mexican.

So many questions. Are they born with the wrestle masks on? Are the Mitchell Johnson moustaches for real? I was tempted to tug one to test it. Are they always like this – hyper-crazed monomanical footballholics.

What an amazing day out you get with the Gimp Nation at the football. They were absolutely bonkers bazonkas.

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Brazil 3 Croatia 1


And so the whole crazy shebang shimmies onto the pitch but we’re still waiting for the samba soccer.

Instead we got stiletto finishing from a side who look nothing like Big Phil’s rough and tough team who won in 2002 with a mixture of great defence and great strikers. This Brazil side looks callow by comparison.

And if that’s the favourites for the trophy then the World Cup is wide open. Even Australia might start to fancy their chances.

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