Aftermath of Ukraine’s bloodiest day

Ukraine Euromaidan revolutionUPDATES FROM PAL IN KYIV


3pm In Kyiv it is all over. Government has collapsed and top people fled. Non -extremist opposition in control everywhere and impeachment of yanu has kept more extreme elements happy.

Population out in force clearing up city and areas that were battle zones a day ago are now full of people posing for pics and collecting bullets as souvenirs.

Funerals on maidan. Focus now switched to the east but even there looks ok. Unclear where yanu is.

Just been to church where priests helped during titushki scare. For me and I think city sense of pressure has lifted.

1pm Went to Independence Square (Maidan) yesterday evening, large sections of the crowd were quite angry about the deal with Yanukovych.

Various news sources have reported an unprovoked attack on all public buildings remaining in state hands, by some radical protestors, after 10 this morning.

I was so worried that I got up early and scribbled some notes for a speech to give on Maidan – about the importance of being better than the govt and using power wisely.

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Euromaidan, Kyiv, protests – December 3


9pm Rock bands play on Maidan square. People head home.

In the city hall’s main chamber, which has been commandeered by opposition parties, food is served and hundreds of people from the west of Ukraine are sleeping on the floor.

2.20pm Independence Square (Maidan) calm. Thousands of people milling around. No police visible.

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