Rydw i’n byw yn batty crease – Sully v DinkyPooTwos

Any cricketer who’s been there will tell you: there’s never a dull moment at Sully Centurions. This time it was custard doughnuts, buttock tattoos and a probable DinkyPooTwos record or two.

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DinkyPooTwos v Croesyceiliog CC

Dinas Powys CC v Croesyceiliog CCFitting that, in a week that saw the club’s oldest former player pass to the pavilion in the sky, aged 99 (more below), the PooTwos were rescued from a hole by the oldest current player.

Secretary Hiscocks first retired in 2009, after reaching his fifties,  so far as I can recall, and has come back since several times.

Skittles skittled selection for this weekend as a horde of players went off to terrorise Minehead and the irregulars of Dads Army and ne’er do wells were roped in.

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DinkyPooTwos v Llantwit Fardre

Twenty-odd years ago the village moved its league fixtures from the lop-sided, horse track-bedevilled, windswept Common  where you can watch village life walk past and chuckle heartily at all the bonehead drivers quips of ‘No ball’ as they drive past, to Bryn y Don.

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