All you need is love: Cyprus 0 Wales 1

EF843944-542E-422C-B397-B2E7B324BAB6You-know-who put us in tantalising touching distance of Euro 2016 – guest post by ALAN LEWIS (@ABERTEIFI_) who was smitten by what he saw 

A land of never-ending sunshine, olive groves, amber nectar and all the kebabs you can eat.

The place where Aphrodite, goddess of love and dazzling beauty, emerges from the foam of the sea enchanting anyone who sees her.

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I’m a Bale-iever! Israel 0 Wales 3

Seven Aberteifi (Cardigan) lads hit Haifa for the France 2016 qualifier. Here, in a guest post by Alan Lewis – who is on Twitter at @ABERTEIFI_ – is a chronicle of one of the most significant wins Wales have ever recorded.

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New Wales away kit is . . . pretty good

kitAfter blasting the last new Wales away kit earlier this year with both barrels, it’s only right to give credit where it’s due.

The new yellow strip brightened up a gloomy night in Brussels last week.

Its cachet was only boosted by the players throwing their shirts into our midsts after a fabulous performance.

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Return to Planet Football – Belgium 0 Wales 0


The cosmic buzz is back.

Last spotted in the ether leaving the Millennium Stadium after the 2003 play-off fiasco in Cardiff, en route to Planet Zog. Through your pain, tears and soul-sucking misery you probably didn’t see it. But I did.

Reappearance dated November 16, 2014. Brussels. We all saw it, smelt it, cherished it, revelled in it, ran our fingers nostalgically through its luxuriant locks and remembered the lost passion we thought we’d never encounter again.

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Wales 0 Bosnia 0

Let’s hope that in a year’s time we don’t all think: “If only Ashley WIlliams had scored.”

No quibbles with the outcome, a fair reflection of a strangely entertaining game. Not many 0-0s are so engrossing.

But it would be nice to have an unfair reflection of the game in the scoreline someday, unfair in our favour.

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Will Wales qualify?

It’s now or never, isn’t it?

If we can’t qualify when the gates gape as wide as Euro2016’s do, it isn’t going to happen.

Twenty-three teams go through and, after sifting out the no-hopers, that means about 36 countries are vying for those slots.

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On the Bale trail – Real Madrid 7 Sevilla 3

photo (5)

Time to find out if Gareth Bale has the cojones for La Liga.

And what a game it proved. A famous stadium. A famous scoreline – same as the incredible 1960 European Cup Final – harking back to days of Di Stefano and Puskas. The sense of history celebrated and history in the making was immense.

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