The Yanukovych Palace and Berkut break-up

Mezhyhyria, Янукович PalaceWednesday, February 26 update from a pal

Just found out that Berkut have now been abolished – very pleased; I was giving out ‘abolish Berkut’ leaflets yesterday.

The remaining Maidan ‘Self-Defence Units’ have now taken on  new roles – guarding public buildings, directing traffic and acting as tour guides in the Independence Square area.

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Ukraine – what now?

20131209-122224.jpgLast Friday I did a sub-editing shift on a national newspaper in London.

A friend ‘subbed’ the Ukraine Kiev piece and admitted afterwards it was incredibly difficult to follow the sequence of events, get his head round what had happened, who was who and what  all the trouble was about.

And why, indeed, they were fighting in the first place.

Welcome to Ukraine!

Then the guy proofing the page came over.

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Euromaidan, Kyiv, February 20

Euromaidan revolution UkraineFROM A BRITISH PAL WORKING IN KYIV

Another day of drama in Kyiv – though I’d expected that the visit by EU bigwigs would mean a truce.

About 9.30 am I was still in the flat, having slept well after the previous sleepless night.  I started hearing what sounded like gunshots and muffled thumps, then ambulance sirens – it was clear something was up.

Then I heard shouting outside – assuming it was protestors lining the route for the UE bunch, I quickly got dressed and left the flat – grabbing a large sheet of paper and marker pens to make some kind of sign.

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Deaths in Kyiv

Mezhyhyria, Янукович PalaceFROM MY PAL IN KYIV

I was working until about 2.30 this afternoon; there seemed to be a lot of sirens going off so I guessed something was going on in the city centre and headed in.

Today there was supposed to be a parliamentary vote on returning to the 2004 constitution, but the parliament did not convene in the end.

There were a lot of explosions going on at Hrushevskogo St so I walked there – the fighting had restarted and injured protestors were being ferried back from the front – one looked serious.

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Euromaidan, Kyiv, protests – February 2


Just been for a good look around the protest area.  It all seems to be kind of ‘bedding in’ like before – it’s just bigger now.

There are a lot of people staying in Ukraina House – from where they could be at Krushevskogo barricades in about a minute.

It’s all quite well-organised in there on a micro level – AutoMaidan Centre, medical centre, students centre, library, film centre, clothes donation area, food hall.  

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Euromaidan, Kyiv, protests – January 26


Latest from my pal who supports the Euromaidan protest in Kyiv:

The white banner in one of the pictures below says ‘cossack redoubt’.20140126-140149.jpg

At the moment there are groups of people trailing all over central Kyiv so difficult to assess numbers.

Was speaking to some young hardline types who were of the opinion that the whole state structure needs smashing to pieces; was trying to convince them that the whole thing is pointless unless they can behave better than existing power and put something better in its place.

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Euromaidan, Kyiv, protests – January 24

FROM MY PAL IN KYIV (who is not the writer of the above tweet). The strong views of what he thinks will happen are his.

January 24, 11pm:

Pretty sure this weekend will decide it. People are flooding into Kyiv and more people in the city than ever are saying they will demonstrate, so there will be big/moderate turnout.

Many people are prepared for battle, there are large stocks of bulletproof vests, petrol bombs around conflict areas.

About 1,000 men must now win or face at least 15 year prison by new laws, but they believe the govt will kill them.

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