Penetration, The Garage, London

The thrill of the new has re-energised this most peculiarly talented relic of the punk era.

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Peter Perrett, The Garage, London

In  the 70s we had the Partridge Family, now we’ve got the Perrett Family. But that’s where the comparison ends.

The Partridges spawned cheesy heart-throb David Cassidy – later to have a life as dysfunctional as Peter Perrett’s seems to have been.

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Awopbopaloobop-awopbamboom – Tilbury 0 Needham Market 1

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Tough Thames-side town Tilbury is full of treats.

Majestic dockland windmills and cranes, two forts and . . . a mural of Frank Sinatra?

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The Pop Group – Rough Trade, London

A facial- fuzz-free gig in Shoreditch – that might be a 21st century first.

The beardless fans gathered after a long wait to see a legendary cult band. 35 years it’s been.

The Pop Group popped up from the West Country on their tractor (us Cardiffians know all people from Bristol drive tractors) for a free in-store run-through at the mecca of indie music.

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