Dismaland 2: grot, rot and seagull snot

20150922-115332.jpgA few more pictures and a video shot aboard the freaky deaky horsemeat carousel. My nag was called Larry.

The more you think about Banksy’s show, the weirder it gets. Who’d have thought dystopian cynicism would be so enchanting? 

IMG_2746Or that people would put such randomly crazy terms into google to find out what the Weston Wonderland is like.

According to the wordpress software, someone threw in the words ‘Nessa Barry Island Dismaland’ and was pointed towards my other piece on Banksy’s show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Turns out, on reading Banksy’s thoughts in the Sunday Times earlier this month that he doesn’t hate Disney.

But you certainly wouldn’t come away with that impression on the basis of what’s behind the walls in Weston.

Had a high old time on the horsemeat carousel. This was the view from Larry.

And this was a slo-mo version. Quite a good view of the site.

And in keeping with the downbeat tone of the entire site, even the merch was an ironic, bland comment on what can be bought.

Idea knocked up in milliseconds no doubt.

British grot and seagull snot pretty much sums it up for me.




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