Alabama 3, Brixton Electric

Alabama 3
Alabama 3

“He’s still sex on legs,” swears Claire. “Snake hips.”

Larry Love, that is, and she should know, she went out with him 30 years ago at college, when he looked like Bob Dylan and introduced me to REM several years before they became popular, playing the LPs on my Panasonic turntable which only recently expired.

Some people like to go to the panto at Christmas, some of us have moved on to the annual Alabama 3 autumn/winter tour.

Which is like a rock panto with better tunes than the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Larry Love, Alabama 3

Larry looks cast as the hero –  Dick Whittington perhaps?  Vocalist D Wayne is closest to a panto dame, or is he Mother Goose? Though he looks a lot more svelte than last year’s fraying-at-the-edges D Wayne. He looked almost dapper.

Like he’s got, like he’s got …

A new girlfriend.

I can never understand what he says but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good entertainment.

Some new stuff, then Mae Tse Tung Said segued nicely into Hello I’m Johnny Cash.

Woke up This Morning was horribly loud and spoiled by caterwauling keyboard – worst version of it I’ve heard, completely lacking in the subtlety which makes it so insidiously enjoyable.

And my all-time favourite – Hypo Full of Love – gorgeously groovy as ever.

A welcome return to the set for the homage to Tennents Super – The Old Purple Tin. A singalong street anthem to the joys of drunkenness.

Liked Larry’s final exhortation: “Please drink responsibly.”

They’ve changed! That wouldn’t have happened a few years ago. Alabama 3 have mellowed and ditched coke and gutrot for green tea.

An enjoyable end to their tour, D Wayne even started smiling during the encores. Definitely got a new girlfriend.

Better than last year’s, not as good as 2012, an improvement on the Cardiff Coal Exchange gig in 2011, always a welcome  early present.

Claire liked it. It’s going to be a good Christmas.

* Pics from previous gigs in Brighton and London.20131217-150104.jpg


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