New Wales away kit is . . . pretty good

kitAfter blasting the last new Wales away kit earlier this year with both barrels, it’s only right to give credit where it’s due.

The new yellow strip brightened up a gloomy night in Brussels last week.

Its cachet was only boosted by the players throwing their shirts into our midsts after a fabulous performance.


Adidas designers, sleeping on the job when they came up with the ‘England’ tribute strip in February, have kept it simple, unfussy, yellow and stylish.

One of the best ever and those fans who picked one up are lucky so-and sos.

One even posted on the Apostile Welsh football message board that he’d snaffled Joe Allen’s top and that it ‘nearly’ fit his seven-year-old.

It’s £55 at JD Sports with 15% (£8.25) off if you show your Wales’s fan membership.

And the official shirt-flinging finale to the technotastic sounds of Zombie Nation after the match had finished is on here:

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