Rio: mural and Maracana

On a wall at the end of the Copacabana, the other end from the Fanfest on the beach, a street artist created a tribute artwork stretching a good 40 metres.

The David Luiz free-kick probably epitomised Brazil’s best moment. Even aside from anything Neymar did, this goal was celebrated like nothing else – probably as the hosts realised that maybe they could win the World Cup.

**Click on the pics to enlarge

The Mexican keeper’s great late save in the Group A match against Brazil sparked much admiration in the country.


Wonder if this one has survived without the addition of some tasty graffiti. Sr Suarez not especially popular in Brazil during the tournament. For me he was the stand-out striker in a tournament dominated by midfielders.

Van Persie soars like a breaching whale to head home against Spain.

Miroslav Klose, some player. A freakish 35-year-old who can still somersault. A fitting tribute.

Mexico’s Hernandez scores against Croatia, Julio Cesar depicted in the last 16 when he emerged the victor from the penalty shoot-out – the miss by Jara of Chile is featured – his side, maybe intimidated by the psychological hold Brazil have over South American sides, should have won it

Yep, know the feeling. This is most Wales fans after the latest humiliation. The rare despair of a nation almost unable to believe this could be happening to them. Interesting that this was included as many might have decided not to portray the moment.

John Brooks celebrates his goal for the US against Ghana in the 2-1 win for the Stars and Stripes. And Casillas, who has had a catastrophic 2014, rues the Spanish fiasco.

The Maracana, looking better here than it does up close, Sugar Loaf in the background, Cristo Redentor in top right and Neymar, the human version of Cristo Redentor in front.

To top it off, Ozil minus a hand, and a few other Germans lift the trophy – a moment greeted with relief across Brazil.

Artist Jambeiro’s signature on this one. Espn have an online report on him.


The old one needed doing up. From outside the new one reeks of concrete and is visually a let-down.

Nowhere near as interesting as the designs for Natal or Salvador. The other venues I saw games at – Fortaleza and Recife, though both were a pain to reach, also had stadiums with a bit more about them.



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