Panini fever in Splott

GUEST POST: from irregular Biffo, from Milford Haven, who lives in Splott.

We completed our album last week. The final 21 stickers arrived by post.

A cardinal sin to some collectors but it had to be done. Getting the last 21 stickers for less than £4 is a no brainer when you don’t have face to face swapping opportunities and the ever decreasing ratios are practically zilch.

I swapped with 16 people over the previous 7 weeks. 13 by post, via a Facebook swapsies page. A lot of trust involved and no Ebay-type feedback safety net. No problems. All very honourable.

I also managed to swap with three people in person. My kids’ school banned swapping football stickers some years ago so it was down to me. Even if it is their album. (No really it is).

I spent about £85 all in. The kids contributed a tenner and they’ve now got an album each to look back on. My five year old can have the latest one.

My nine year old has only vague recollections of completing his South Africa 2010 album but they’ve both enjoyed comparing and contrasting hairstyles and beard/no beard pictures from the two albums.

The interesting dimension to this year’s album is the iphone app. Handy and cool but ultimately an extra bind for this Luddite who still stoically maintained a word document, laboriously but lovingly. The only surefire way to record gots, needs and swaps.

With five days to go til the big kick off we are now quite well primed in the who’s who for Brazil. Thank you Panini…. Despite the roughly 75% accuracy on squad member predictions. Steven Defour was our last sticker to go in so look out for him to be the main man for the Belgian dark horses.



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