Yellowman, Dillinger – Globe, Cardiff

Albino Jamaican reggae star should have a word with the Football Association of Wales.

His Adidas gear/kit put the national side’s recent deal into perspective – we’ve definitely come out with the short straw – why can’t we have what he’s got?

How come he’s got the decent threads – tidy daps, long socks, football shirt and bit-too-long shorts and we’re lumbered with a far less impressive kit? Hmmm.

The sex-mad star who looks a cross between my late grandpa, Popeye and an Olympic high jump athlete passed this fan by in his 80s heyday.

Which is a shame because he’s a phenomenon and it would have been great to see him in his prime.

Yellowman in Cardiff
Adidas freak Yellowman demonstrates his daps

Not that he’s not a prime specimen now. Clearly a keep-fit nut his torso spreads up wide past his navel to his chest and shoulders which are impressively developed for a guy of 58.

Off came the red shirt after several numbers and he flashed his biceps, one sporting a red band for some reason.

Throughout the gig he never stopped moving or swooping low to show off his agility by doing yoga/pilates stretches – and he even had women in the audience feeling his leg muscles.

Songs are all about sex, sex and more sex from what I could tell.

Some with a message Boombastic (Use your Rubber Rubber) included graphic demonstrations of how to use a condom and was the hilarious highlight. I don’t think we were treated to other items in his oeuvre – Your Dick is Dead and Nuff Punany.

Yellowman in Cardiff
Yellowman checks all is present and intact



Gets a mention in the Clash’s White Man in Hammersmith Palais and is still going strong at 61. Both he and Yellowman were backed by the Sagitarrius Band

Nice shirt and good rapport with the fans. Good vocalist though not the best singer – he was better when stuck to rap style delivery.



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