New Wales away kit is a dog


To no fanfare at all, the new Wales away kit was unveiled in Cardiff’s Queen Street just after 2pm today.

About five fans were present to see the JD Sports red stickers stripped away to reveal the Adidas strip.

Absolutely not my cup of tea at all.

Wales football team away kit
Staff battle through the crowds for the great unveiling

First impression is that it looks very much like our neighbours’ strip. An old one, one they’ve moved on from.

Nothing wrong with a white strip of course but you don’t want your first thought to be: “Bit like Gascoigne-era England.”

Close up, ie nose pressed flat against the window, and it has lots of perforations on the front of the shirt and is an off-white.

I’m seeing prison toilet cell block white.

Wales football away kit
What was the old Daz advert? ‘Whiter than white’ Bale, Ramsay, Gunter sport the new kit. The shirt’s yours for £52

The JD Sports window also comes with the Adidas norm nowadays – a four-letter exhortation trying to be meaningful. Like their marketing department are trying to channel Greek philosophy and come up with the ultimate football motivational slogan.

‘All in. Or nothing.” My four-word retort to Adidas would be: “Must try harder, chaps.”

See, the lack of invention is contagious.

To bottom it all off, rather than top it off, we have the boots below, adding a startling contrast to the entire ensemble.

Luminous purple/blue/orange footwear that had me reeling in shock. Of course, they’re not part of the kit at all – just a pair they handy, probably can’t sell ’em and want to be shot of them.

But if all 11 players wear the same boots, same colour, I think the effect could be quite amusing in an ironic fashion sense kind of way.

The shirt is £52 via pre-order and may get its first outing in Holland.  Here’s hoping it won’t. Stick to the radiant red home kit for the 2016 qualifiers, don’t be tempted and cadwch y ffydd!

Wales football away kit

Pizza boots. A purple blue and orange combo that any defender worth his salt would be proud to sully its tarnish

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