Euromaidan, Kyiv, protests – January 26


Latest from my pal who supports the Euromaidan protest in Kyiv:

The white banner in one of the pictures below says ‘cossack redoubt’.20140126-140149.jpg

At the moment there are groups of people trailing all over central Kyiv so difficult to assess numbers.

Was speaking to some young hardline types who were of the opinion that the whole state structure needs smashing to pieces; was trying to convince them that the whole thing is pointless unless they can behave better than existing power and put something better in its place.

Went on a scouting mission last night in Marinski Park to check what titushki were doing; the authorities are housing them there in tents and I estimated there were about 500 of them carrying out military style manoeuvres with interior ministry cops.20140126-140343.jpg

Not really dangerous as not illegal to be in park and I can just play dumb tourist.

The above pic shows protesters last night trying to take over the former Lenin mausoleum near European Square.

Eventually 200 people – my friend says they were interior ministry police – inside negotiated with protesters and left the building.



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