Aur – the golden gang at the Millennium Centre

20140117-205714.jpgIt’s not just the Olympics that dishes out gold medals – the National Eisteddfod does so too.

Cardiff’s cultural crachach were out in force for the launch of the new exhibition at the city’s Millennium Centre this evening.

To celebrate the centre’s tenth anniversary an exhibition of art by winners of the gold medal for art at the National Eisteddfod is running until mid-March.

Nine golden boys and one golden girl have work on show on levels two and three of the building.

The picture at the top of this piece is Zebra Boogie Woogie – the Country and the City, by Emrys Williams and is yours for £1,500.

The artists featured are Josephine Sowden, Carwyn Evans, Bedwyr Williams, Stuart Lee, Peter Finnemore, Simon Fenoulhet Aled Rhys Hughes, Emrys Williams and David Hastie.

House at Night by Emrys Williams. Yours for eight grand.
House at Night by Emrys Williams. Yours for eight grand.

There are 27 works in the exhibition and Finnemore’s wryly amusing photos stand out, as does Bedwyr Williams’s fine evocative print of a Welsh mountain farmer. Stuart Lee’s detailed photographs of insects are strikingly spooky.

Elfyn Lewis

Porthmadog crachach Elfyn, 44, scooped gold and the Gorsedd garb in 2009.

He’s my type of artist – we were introduced in San Francisco when out there watching Wales play the United States in 2003 (we lost 2-0).

He’s Cerys Matthews’ favourite artist – according to a Q and A I once read in a glossy magazine – and now lives in Grangetown. He has five items on show at prices ranging from £1,180 to £2,800.

Elfyn Lewis in the middle of two of his works
Elfyn Lewis in the middle of two of his works

The Millennium Centre’s blurb is here. Elfyn Lewis is on Facebook here.

Writer Jon Gower’s illuminating talk before the private viewing said there had been an award to Welsh artists since 1865.

He added that though the Eisteddfod did announce winners, the annual ‘travelling circus’ was very egalitairian as it provides a platform for all Welsh artists to be exhibited.

The exhibition runs until  March 16 and is free.

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