March of a million


Well, by 8.30pm, it’s safe to say there weren’t a million people marching.

Several hundred thousand people passed through, popped in for a couple of hours or came to enjoy the Glastonbury vibe perhaps.

Before the attack on Lenin, the atmosphere was generally  good-natured with only one report of tension between factions in Marinsky Park.

4.20pm – a pal there reported: “Most active spot is marinsky. Face off between regions lot, cops and demonstrators. Big green tents popping up all over as extension of maidan.

“Guys in helmets doing a good job here, seen them stopping troublemakers a few times.

“If scout around, some fairly unpleasant types on edge of crowd. Going home.”

Today’s rally is the acid test of support for the opposition who are demanding resignations and fresh elections.

Scroll down to bottom for latest updates.

Some of the latest artwork on Independence Square:

Young people last night getting ready for today’s march:

About 100,000 people have gathered at noon in Kyiv.20131208-124345.jpg

Young men, some in balaclavas, are guarding strategic parts of the square next to barricades. 20131208-130754.jpg

Others are ready for any eventuality and assembled outside City Hall in Khreshatik.20131208-133828.jpg

Riot police outside The Presidential Administration in Lutheranska.

Opposition activists have set up a new roadblock in Shovkovichna to disrupt comings and goings between government departments.


Earlier, government supporters paraded near Parliament.


Protesters are trying to pen police in the Presidential Administration area and have built new barricades in strategic spots in the city centre.


And an extraordinary day ends when the amazing Dakh Daughters band plays the main stage in Independence Square at 11pm.



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