Euromaidan, Kyiv – December 6

20131204-101800.jpgQuiet day on the barricades so far.

People mill around Independence Square, ferrying wood for fires, feeding each other, praying.

Protesters are calling for Ukrainians to join in the March for a Million on Sunday – Ukraine has a population of about 45 million.

President Viktor Yanukovych is in Russia after his trip to China and has reportedly cut short plans to visit Malta, due to the internal political events.

His supporters continue to occupy a compound next to Parliament and their booming PA announcements and music can be heard resounding through Marinsky Park.

Snow is beginning to settle in Maidan.


Vitali Klitchko met the press at about 7.15pm.

He looked a bit stiff and awkward and dodged a question on whether the opposition was wise to encourage people to, in effect, live in the central square when the government has been talking tough.

He was on surer ground when he claimed: “We have been waiting 22 years for progress.

“Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania have moved on. We are willing to make changes.”


Out on Maidan, supporters seem to have an unending endurance for listening to speakers and watching bands.

Orators include ex-military figures and people from all over Ukraine are invited to come up on stage to speak.


More people are setting up camp in the square which is increasingly resembling a music festival site.

Below, a group hammered nails into paving stones next to the Globus shopping centre in a bid to give their tent the best possible stability.


The mood is very positive despite bitter conditions.




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