Еuromaidan Kyiv – December 5

Different tack today – uploading photos with captions. Latest photos will be at bottom of page.

Vitali Klitchko speaking last night in Independence Square. Now being widely touted as the next President.

Above: Marinsky Park. A woman worships at a shrine just yards away from the government supporters’ compound next to Parliament.

Above: this man wants to see the restoration of the Russian monarchy and a return to the pre-1917 political arrangement.

Above: Bankova, scene of violent clashes on Sunday. A protester sips soup next to a flag which proclaims support for Vitali Klitchko’s party. Activists restrict entry to the street. Police stand at other end of street.

Above: picture of Yanukovych and pig’s head on a stick – well, what do you think?

Above: a steaming tureen of soup is stirred on Independence Square.

Above: priorities – mini-football pitch is cordoned off at Independence Square for a match.

Above: rudest anti- Yanukovych ‘art’ featuring English that I’ve found so far.

Above: a small encampment outside the Mikhailovsky Cathedral. At the weekend many people slept on the premises after clashes with police.

Above: Her Maj is here. Only kidding – this was the scene during last year’s Euro 2012.

Above: cracking Duane Eddy-esque twangy guitar from vintage rockers in Khreshatik


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