Taxi driver, Hove

About 60. Hove, George Street.

“Lot of rain. You get even more in Wales you say?

“Went to Wales for the first time two years. Guy got in the car and said: “I want to go a long way.” I said: “No problem.”

“A very long way.”

“No problem. Tell me where it is.”


“Ok, let’s go.”

“We went up to Conway in the north. Took a long time. He was involved with some sort of sect or something and spent a long time trying to convert me to it. I had to say at one point: ‘Look I’m not interested. Good for you and all that, but you won’t convert me’.

“He wasn’t Welsh, he were English, visiting his mother in a home. Cost him £480. I’d heard about it, but I’d never believed – all the road signs really were in two languages!”


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