Dinas Powys v Sullyvester (2009)

No DinkyPooTwos game today, so time for a blast from the past and a cut-and-paste job from the last Sunday match of 2009, played in late September.

End of an era and end of an earache.

Your skipper signs off with a loss and the tinnitus induced by the Sully fielders’ chimps’ tea party chatter has just about subsided.

Yet again, there was a player drought and between noon and 1.30pm the side changed literally every ten minutes. Anil called me at 12.10 having just got out of bed. He was unable to make the rendezvous. Shame he didn’t make it – he’d have enjoyed playing on the ground and he’d won a Conference tie the night before for his 126 and the top-quality polyester prize could have been ceremonially handed over by our chairman. Now I’m just going to have to go round his house and post it through the letterbox.

A text to Laurence O’Sullivan paid dividends once more. Laurence seems to have more followers than the Pope. And he secured two players, including a wicketkeeper – believe me, you don’t know how grateful I am for that Loz! Hail Mary, Jesus and Laurence – the Pope of Penydarren (or is it being renamed Penydarren Country, after your team – got more of a ring to it than ‘Penydarren’, ‘Penydarren Country’ sounds like it could be in Wyoming?).

On arrival I gave chairman Statto the bad news – he had to play – and I swear I heard his knees groan. He said it was the fourth comeback of this season – should we know call you ‘Rocky’ instead of ‘Statto’?

I have a sneaking feeling that his fifth career comeback will be in the first Sunday game of 2010.

Anyway, Dave Sylvester won the toss and the Sullyvester machine pretty much roared into fifth gear from the second over.

Their opener Rhett doesn’t so much as dance down the pitch as clump down the pitch. But it’s mighty effective and he made 80-odd before Gerrard O’Sullivan caught him running in from mid-off off James Hiscocks. Phew! By this time they had about 160 or so on t he board

Earlier we took a wicket which, cos I omitted to make a note of our bowling figures, I cannot remember at all. But we did have the 42-1 at one point. They were in big bloody trouble! If someone could jog my memory then I’d be grateful.

Anyway, Rhett’s departure didn’t bring any respite. Goodway hit a pretty much chanceless century on his way to 115 or so – the most correct knock of the season with nearly every shot on the floor.

The No 4 piled in effectively and we were chasing 289.

Despite the run mountain, there were good efforts from the bowlers – Connor Hetherton, Satish Pasupulati and, in particular, Sam Marlow, all gamely turned their arms over. Thanks to the chairman’s patellas for his short spell, and to junior chairman (not Geoff Marlow, James) for breaking the deadlock.

Fielding could have been better and actually was better than a week previously. Strange but true. And Tom Bowen, Laurence’s protege, was tremendous behind the sticks.

After 40 overs in which we conceded the biggest total of the season boy were we glad to get off the pitch and sink our teeth into Mrs Sylvester’s apple doughnuts. I had two and there were alcholic ones as well – rum and raisin. The doughnuts may explain why Sully are not as svelte as their Dinas counterparts.

Bowling figures – sorry not available cos I didn’t get round to copying them out. Dave Sylvester says they’ll be in the post but they are probably best glossed over.

In reply myself and Gerrard opened. I was out for seven and Gerrard was bombarded out of the game by brother Loz, at number three, who hits so straight that the umpire and non-striker are in permanent danger. Gerry retired hurt after a fraternal fusillade struck him on the arm. Nowt broken but v painful.

That brought Dipak Bandaru to the crease and with minimal foot movement he hit an atrractive 52, including 18 off one over.

James Hiscocks hung around effectively to make 10, Connor hit one cracking four off Goodway but was out in the same over and Tom Bowen was cruelly out the following delivery.

Sam made three, Rocky four and Ian Coughtrey and Satish weren’t able to trouble the scorers.

Gerry went back in and was undefeated on 25. We were all out for 158.

Heartfelt thanks to all we played, particularly the emergency crew for responding to our 999 call, via St Laurence of Penydarren.

It’s been a tough season but the fact that we’ve been able to play pretty much all the fixtures has been quite a feat – teenage players in particular have improved quite clearly and the experience has been good for them.


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