Marlon moolah

Blast from the past – a South Wales rugby club in 2007

On the wall is a sheet of paper bearing a list of 33 famous people. Shirley Bassey, Adam Ant, Tom Jones, Sir Norman Wisdom, Ginger Spice etc etc.

Next to them 33 drinkers – they gotta be drinkers, they nearly chucked me out when I said I’d stopped – up the club. VWC, Geraint, Compo (Geoff) etc. All allocated a famous person each.

Above that, a heading – Dead Man’s Pool. It’s a sweepstake! If your famous person dies in the seven days from one Sunday to the next you get all the money in the pot. And the pot is well worth having.

VWC explains: “I won £1,300 on Marlon Brando I did. I remember seeing the news on telly and thinking, ‘I might have him’. I knew I’d won as soon as I walked in here and everyone told me I was a lucky bastard. It’s pot luck – they chuck
some youngsters in – Adam Ant’s not young is he, but he is Radio Rentals so who knows.”

As if to prove life’s lottery, the barman pipes up: “My brother won £1,900 on Paula Yates.”


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