Another fine mess

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One of the more unusual Wales fans’ games  took place some 30 kilometres outside Belgrade yesterday.

Not only did 18 players and spectators get a two-police van escort to the match there and back, but the game officials were all female.

The police over here have been understandably jittery and appear to be on orders from up high to ensure no Welsh fan gets attacked – word is that attacks on a French fan sparked a determination that no more trouble can be tolerated.

And what a refreshing difference the female officials made – there were virtually no sniping comments made to them, not in my earshot anyway. And most decisions were taken with good grace.Female Serbian football officials

Maybe this the way forward for match officials at any level.

On the road, despite being fresh-ish from an 11-2 win last Friday, the team have usually been less effective.

So we’ll quickly gloss over a full account of the 7-1 thrashing to gush about the facilities of a ground seemingly in the back of beyond. FK Srem‘s ground was better than at least one Serbian Premiership ground I’ve been too and the players were very pleased with the quality of the pitch.

For the record, Aberystwyth hotshot Will Johnson scored for his eighth consecutive match for the team and with the Jocks coming up next month, there’s every chance of a ninth scoring game in a row.

* Picture of beauty and the beast (Neil Dymock) courtesy Gary Pritchard


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